I first met Melissa Gahr when I entered into physical therapy after a very serious rotator cuff surgery.  She was one of several physical therapists I was being assigned to.  It did not take me long to realize that Melissa was special.  I began to see Melissa exclusively two times per week.  She has a wonderful personality which she uses to encourage you as a patient.  She is that rare care provider who really cares about you as a person.  Melissa just does not see you as a client but moreover she takes you on as a part of her life.  You become her mission and she will achieve, trust me!

There were many times over the course of the year that I did not want to go to physical therapy; however, once there, Melissa would ultimately brighten my day with her upbeat and positive attitude.  Melissa is a winner and she transcends that to her patients.  Melissa is not a slave driver, but more a solid mentor willing your body back to health.  From me personal experience she is not afraid to adjust or experiment with new or different techniques in an effort to achieve results.

I was in Melissa’s care for almost a year and I am very happy to say she has willed me back to health and it is mostly all due to her hard work and dedication to her profession.

I can wholeheartedly and without any reservation recommend Melissa, whom I feel is outstanding in her field.  In fact, I would implore you to see Melissa if you want to get back to being your healthy old self and back to enjoying life.  I myself, plan to seek her out first, should I ever need a physical therapist in the future.  Thank you so very much,

Rick D.


When I mentioned to my primary care physician that I was having trouble with unsteadiness and slight dizziness, he said if it became worse to let him know and he could suggest where I might get some help.  By chance, a few weeks later I saw in the local paper that Seacoast Body Balance was opening up and it sounded tailor made for my problem, so with his OK I decided to give it a try.

Immediately I knew  it was a good fit for me.  Ms. Gahr is a very experienced and upbeat young woman, giving me graduated exercises to perform, increasing the difficulty as I showed improvement.  I always felt comfortable that she was doing the right thing.  Expertise in the area of balance is rare and Melissa certainly has it.

As an aside, on one of my visits I mentioned that I had pulled a groin muscle and was having pain.  She is a physical therapist experienced in areas other than balance, and wanted to check my diagnosis.  I am a physician (long since retired) and was comfortable with my diagnosis, but Melissa wasn’t and felt that it was something else, and that I should see a doctor.  Two or three weeks later, I was getting worse and ended up needing an operation to correct the problem.  I should have heeded William Osler who said “the physician who treats himself has a fool for a doctor”.

In summary, I highly recommend Seacoast Body Balance for balance issues as well as for any physical therapy needs.

Jim, MD


After being diagnosed with vertigo, I wasn’t sure how long the symptoms were going to last. The dizziness left me feeling helpless and unable to participate in any of my normal daily activities. Melissa evaluated and treated me and I felt 80% better within several hours. The next day I was able to be back to work. If it wasn’t for Melissa I am not sure how long I would have experienced symptoms. I highly recommend Melissa for any balance or vestibular problems and will go to see her again if I experience this again.

Meghan F.


My experience at Seacoast Body Balance was above and beyond my expectations. Melissa’s knowledge, execution and overall care was excellent. I will not only benefit from being pain free, but will execute each and every day the knowledge gained and exercises practiced to strengthen my body and mind.

Chris K.


From [her] easy vibe, compassion, and extensive diagnosis, immediately I knew that I could put my trust in [Melissa] to get me better and back on the roads at my lowest point. From not being able to run more than a mile without pain to 60 mile weeks I have made great improvement over the course of just a few short months…As I gear up for winter track, because of Seacoast Body Balance I know what I need to do to continue to train consistently for the goals down the road. Although I hope that I will never be forced to step foot in [the] office again it is comforting to know that there is someone there in case the worst circumstances arise.